Thursday, April 29, 2004

I also got the email from the universtiy Provost and from the email I wasn't sure that the strke was even going to happen. That bothered me because they kept saying they were negotiating and I didn't know if I was going to have class or not and that was annoying. I ended up having 1 of my 4 classes that I ususally have on Tuesday and Thursday. The break was nice, but now I feel even more behind.

I checked out the school website and there is a link on the front page that takes you to articles about the strike. This surprised me, but I was happy to see that they weren't ignoring the event. I also looked at local news sites and they were all covering the strike, it was interesting to read the stories they were writing as they all were of course the same information just differently written.

I, like Josh and everyone else, found a vast amount of articles on the strike coming from local newspapers. I agree with Josh in that they should've had a blog to share concerns an ask questions, I know that I have questions I'd love to post

On a side note, its also been really interesting to see what schools are and aren't involved. The business school is not a part of the strike at all. From what my friend in the nursing school tells me, the nursing school TAs are not involved. I searched a bit to find out why certain schools weren't participating and I couldn't find any information. This is interesting to me, I heard that some schools pay their TAs more money, so those TAs are not part of the union. But all the information I read seemed to dramatize the situation making it sound like ALL of the UW-Madison TAs are on strike. Just an observation.


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