Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I'm sitting in Helen C and I can hear a TA banging a drum outside... three floors up. The whole strike is much more coordinated than I thought it’d be. As a side note, I think keeping out students and faculty draws attention to their "raw deal," anything else wouldn't have been as effective. And, I guess they said if you're showing support w/ a black armband/bandanna or TAA sticker they won't bug you. My roommate is a george w. republican, and it sure pissed him off ... and I think that was the point. Anyway, the site I looked at, accidentally, is here. It's a google html translation of a word doc and part of the taa-madison.org Web site. I say accidentally because the author of the article and I were at the library and checking out which of our DC articles came up in a google search (we were really bored...). Surprisingly, one of hers came up on the TAA Web site. I just thought it was weird that a DC or Herald writer -- who may not care about the strike, or be against it -- can be used by the TAA to secure a better contract. It's weird how the print world can unwittingly become part of the Web world -- and used for totally different purposes. Here, her article is used in a list of news stories on the TAA. Another use of the TAA Web site I’ve seen are posters up around campus before the strike, with those tabs you rip off, for TA’s who’ve yet to sign up w/ the TAA. They urge TA’s to go to the TAA web site to sign up with the TAA. This mobilization is sort of interesting: using physical space to urge people to go into virtual space so they then can impact physical space. Many of these tabs were ripped off, so it seemed to have been working.


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