Wednesday, April 28, 2004

I googled (there's the verb for you Kirstin!) "TAA Strike" and found a blog called "college chaos" talking about the strike and is written by a UW student. I was surprised at how widespread the coverage's in every newspaper online (Badger Herald, Cardinal, WSJ, Cap Times, Also, there is coverage in my hometown, which surprised me (I am from Wisconsin) and my boyfriend who goes to another UW school knew about it as well, which I also found surprising. TV stations also had coverage on their websites of the strike and radio stations interviewed people on campus live. I couldn't believe overall that there were almost 8500 hits on Google... There were also references to the strike on other university websites (U of Mich, for example)...perhaps this is to fire up their unions? Or just provide news?

Either way, I was absolutely AMAZED at the coverage, not so much here in Madison, as that is to be expected, but state and nation-wide.


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