Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Like Derek, the first time I looked online for TAA strike news, it was to find a list of targeted buildings last week. I, too, first went to the TAA website, where I was actually surprised at the lack of attention being paid to the strike. Now, of course that's a relative judgement, because there was talk of it on the front page of the site. But I was thinking that if I were the TAA, I'd want a whole site, or at least a page devoted JUST to the strike issue. I mean, can you seriously tell me that membership dues or who's president is a bigger thing going on with the TAA right now than the strike? I was complaining about that lack of attention lately, and a guy commented to me that the strike was definitely an event that 'deserves to be blogged.' I thought that would've been an interesting way to record the strike...a communal blog which any member of the TAA could contribute to and share their insights about how the strike was going, the support they got, etc. Alas, I don't think it happened, but it would've been cool.



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