Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Here are my two cents on the Internet and
the TAA strike.

One important feature/advantage we've
discussed this semester is the ability to
divulge information as quickly and easily
as possible. On Monday night, I sat
at home debating whether if it would be
a good idea to not attend the only class
I had the following day due to the picketing
I was going to encounter. I was also waiting
for an email from one of my history profs
letting us know if we would be required to
show up for class today. Well, I didn't need
to read that email once it came (I received it
@ 8:41 AM yesterday), because the State
Journal had an article on the TAA's decision
to strike by 11 PM on Monday, a couple of
hours after the course of action was decided
upon. This is an example of how the Internet
can facilitate the flow of information in society.

Of course, the Internet is also a source of
discourse. Since late last week, the Herald
and the Cardinal had their say on the
impending strike. As soon as it was known
that the strike would happen, the State Journal
chimed in on the situation. The key point here is
that people can access others' opinion without
having a newspaper at hand. This is something
supporters of the digital revolution would be
pleased about, and with good reason.


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