Monday, April 12, 2004

Hey all.....

I was just looking at postings and noticed mine from last week didn't get posted so I'm reposting it (good thing I always write them in word first). I'm sure you all were chomping at the bit for my comments!

1. Chapter 3 talks about the interactive television and web based television. Web TV was touted to be revolutionary as the world wide web expanded and grew. However, Web TV never really took off as more homes chose to purchase personal computers instead. Now, I notice MSN is showcasing its Web TV again. Do you think it will work this time? Were we just not ready for combination media then? If Web TV becomes mainstream, where will the line be drawn between television and cyberspace? How will this affect the corporate controlling of the Internet influencing cyberspace further? What could be the ramifications of Web TV?

2. Chapter 1 discusses the evolution of corporate networking and specifically, the proliferation of automatic teller machines. As these ATM’s evolved, they handled more transactions than human tellers did according to the text (1.2 million every hour!). Will the new Internet based capabilities of banks further decrease the number of transactions for human tellers? Will human tellers be phased out? Eventually, will all banking be done online and ATM’s become obscolete for transaction purposes? How does this affect the separation effect and isolation we discussed earlier in the semester (people won’t have to leave their house—they will live in “virtual” worlds)?


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