Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Here goes...

(1) Use of the Internet at work increases the likelihood of use at home. This may explain why lower income individuals and families have a lower Internet usage rate than their higher income counterparts because lower paying positions may not require Internet access at the job. Is there then a way to overcome this difference? If lower income individuals keep getting lower income jobs with no Internet access, this relationship is likely to continue. How might we alleviate this problem?

(2) The report cited ethnic minorities have lower Internet and computer usage rates than whites. The report also cites which states have the lowest Internet usage rates. These states include Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, all states with lower socioeconomic status and higher ethnic populations (especially Black). How can these states overcome their lag in online usage?

(3) The report often cites the usage rates and trends of those three and older. I am interested to know what activities constitute "use" for these youger age groups. Are they really a viable source to study? What does everyone else think?


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