Wednesday, March 24, 2004

In response to Ruben's question about children, the internet and health; personally I feel the internet has a large impact on the health of today's youth. There are more opportunites for children to sit infront of the computer, and parents are embracing them because they are educational games. Television used to be the problem, but as long as children were watching educational television, like PBS shows, parents felt better about letting them sit in front of the television. Now, parents let their preschoolers sit infront of the computer for hours at a time because they're playing computer games that are supposed to help them learn to spell, speak other languages, etc... this to me is scary and possibly discouraging interaction between children and decreasing active behavior in children. It is definitly a change that is concerning

Paul brings up an interesting point when speaking about dorms and internet usage. I never thought about how much more I used the internet while I was in the dorms. Plus the internet is free with 'rent'. Looking at internet usage in buildings where the internet is free/included in the rent may bring in interesting information. Or by looking at how prominent a computer is in an area may affect the usage. In most dorms, the room is basically a beds, clothes and a computer or two. Looking at the household type, the price of the internet, and the amount of usage may prove to be quite interesting.

In the section comparing internet usage (in our age range) with people in school vs. people not in school, the differences are considerably drastic. This is interesting to me, but considering college and how much you're required to use the internet compared to high school it makes sense. But at the same time people not in school are most likely out in the work force. It seems a bit odd to me that the change is so prominent, 48.5 percent of people 18-24 [not in school] don't use the internet, while only 15.0 percent of 18-24 year-olds [in school] don't use the internet--and I have no clue how that 15 percent does that! What are the reasons for this difference? Do these people really hate school and the internet may remind them of school? That's a horrible conclusion.


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