Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Hey everyone,

I had a bunch of viruses at the beginning of this year and these were helpful:

First, Ad-Aware, is a free program you can use to scan your hard drive for spyware and then easily remove it.

After this step, you should restart your computer.

Second, to lose most of the annoying pop-ups, there is a free Google Toolbar which blocks pop-ups pretty well and also saves you the time of going to the google page all the time.

The last thing I did, was in windows click "start", "control panel", "network connections", right click on the "local area connection" (or whatever connection you are using to get online), choose "properties" and go to the "Advanced" tab on the window that appears. When you're on the Advanced Tab, there should be a check box next to "Protect my computer and network by limiting access to this computer to and from the network" (or something like that), I would probably have that checked, especially if you're on cable internet, or DSL.
**I have Windows XP, I don't know if this firewall step will work for older versions of Windows**

Let me know if this does/does not help, or dvr9484 on aim

Have a great spring break and good luck.


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