Wednesday, March 24, 2004

1.Having spent seven hours putting alt tags on the UW-food service site last Monday, I thought it would be a good Idea to check out the statistics on people with disabilities and the internet. ON page 68, it says that "...people with disabilities are more likely than the population in general to use the internet to play games and search for health information." Emailing and searching for government info are around the same as the general population, but the rest are lagging a bit behind. Why is it that 39% of people with disabilities use the internet for games? does this necessarily mean that games are more accessible? or does it mean that accessibility doesn't really matter when it comes to games because it isn't as seriously involved as shopping, etc?
2.What will the section 508 standards do to internet usage amoungst people with dissabilities? What is the average income of people with the various disabilities listed by the CPS? How do income and job availability factor into the use of computers by those with disabilities, and how can the internet change/create jobs?
UW Accessibility Policy
3.Will broadband become another obstacle for less advantaged people to overcome? How can we be sure that technology will not grow faster than our ability to get everyone online? Will sites require faster connections to properly function, and again, less fortunate people will not be up to speed with what is needed for good information access?


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