Sunday, March 21, 2004

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had a nice break.

Week 10 Discussion questions:

1) Chapter 2 of the NTIA 2002 report talks about computer and Internet use. Here,it is stated that seventy-five percent of 14-17 year olds and
65 percent of 10-13 year olds use the Internet more than any other age
group. Given what has been reported by public health officials (i. e. kids
are living unhealthy lifestyles), and how much children use computers,
should we undercut computer usage among kids so as to not put them at risk?

2) Chapter five addresses how youths have embraced the usage of
computers in contemporary times, where parents voice their concerns
about their children’s online use. It is reported that close to 70-percent
of parents are concerned with what their kids might find online. Yet, more than half (50.3-percent) will not curtail Internet usage at all despite their fears. Should we blame the exposure of children to potentially unsuitable material on parents or on technology itself?

3) Chapter 8 reports that over 92-percent of households that do not
enjoy access to the Internet would be concerned with their privacy if they did. In an era in which our nation in involved in the fight against terrorism, does privacy outweigh the population’s need for technological advancement. Should we repel laws such as the Patriot Act to further it?


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