Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I visited It's really interesting web's page. For an hour (from 10 A.M to 11 A.M) the editor change the main article and picture in the main page. In my view point, the main audiences are people who work many areas such as education, business, science and polititics.
It seems the Newsweek has concentrated on political area than other areas through its information is very diversified. Many types of sources related to Business, Sport, Tech, Science, Entertainment, Health, Travel, Opinions, Weather, Local News, Today's show, Nightly News, etc. The information are illustrated by media such as video, short film and music. I went to "Oscar award" and could see many good pictures of actors and actresses. They also provide some short films that won the Oscar prizes. The web page are really interactive. But they have many kind of advertisements, especially pop-up. They appear when you link to another page and really disturb anyone who tries to find news and information. I think they earn a of money from advertising. With the sample of film or music you try to see or listen, you have to wait until the advertisement films stop.
The web's page is well-balanced though it has priorities for political area. The site is useful for the research topic cause it has "Archive". You can go there and find what kind of information you need. The Newsweek Archives contain most of the stories from the domestic edition since January 1993, most stories from the international editions since January 1999, and all Web Exclusives since June 2000. It is good for instructors, students, officers, businessmen, white-collars, ect since it has provided believable and serious information. The are not appropriate for teenagers or people who still not mature.


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