Monday, March 29, 2004

Digital Divide Problem:

I think the race and ethnicity divide is the most urgent. In all the reports of "Falling Through the Net", minorities were either left out or a very small number in who owns these technologies. The internet is growing for the minorties the report says, but that just because hardly anyone of them could afford it years ago. Now they are drastically changing because they are doing better off so they can afford it. So it looks like they are beating the Caucassions and Asian Americans, but in reality the later 2 groups have had the internet for many more years! All teh chars on the newest report don't take into account when the "majorities" bought computers and compared that to when "minorities" bought computers. When the "majority" was buying the "minorities were not there. So in essence this could also be a income problem as well. As shown in the movie Silicon Valley, San Pao was looked over b/c it was not in the right atmosphere. This city was surrounded by giant corporations. Eventually HP helped the city out by using their building, Plugged In. Even giant corporations are staying away from minority populated cities. This is just increasing the Digital Divide.

Solution: I don't have a real concrete answer for this. The best I could come up with is to put more computers in libraries or make a computer place in a public area for everyone to use. People might think it won't help b/c the citizens won't know how to use the computers and internet. They then should offer a class stictly for the minorities so they feel comfortable. they can learn in their environment and be apart of the new digital divide. Another way is to have more companies like HP help out the minority populated cities.


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