Wednesday, March 24, 2004

1. I'm curious about possible reasons for the significant growth of Internet use by people who are unemployed and who have less than a high school education (From the chart on p. 24 in Chapter 2.) Any ideas? Could this related to efforts to bridge the digital divide or a more significant factor?

2. On p. 44, the report mentions how location of access may have implications for the quality of access, but this report doesn't directly measure quality of access. What might be possible indicators of quality access? What are some places where people might access the Internet and what could we expect the quality to be?

3. The report states that "among households with less than $15,000 in income, the few households with someone using the Internet at work are four times as likely to have the Internet at home as those without such a person." (p.69) -- is this the most significant determinant of getting access in the home? How does this relate to households with children?


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