Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Digital determinists have long welcomed the
advent of the digital revolution as a means
to improve our society. Our readings have
stated that digital technology should help
eliminate barriers and problems that ail us.
Unfortunately, technology has had a polarizing
Effect on some of those who are suppose to
benefit from it.

I would like to argue that education is the digital
divide that deserves our attention the most.
According to statistics published on the
NTIA’s 2002 report, less educated people
are less likely to be connected. By the
numbers, about 85 percent of people
with bachelor degrees use computer; 81
percent have Internet access. On the other
hand, less educated people (i.e. some high
school education) use computers at alarmingly
lower rates. According to the report, 17 percent
use computers; 12 percent are online.

If technologies such as computer and the Internet
are the way of the future, and enormously beneficial,
why are these statistics so appalling? It is obvious
that education (of lack thereof) has become a barrier
in times of technological advancement.

A solution to this problem lies in education itself.
If we can have better educated people, these
numbers would definitely improve.


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