Monday, February 16, 2004

Here are my project ideas so far:

1. I would like to look more into the development of search engines. Google seems to be "the best" that is out there right now, and I want to compare it with others find out what makes it "the best". I would look into how different search engines function, and anything new that is being developed. I also would like to learn more about "Google Bombing" and what concerns that may pose for the future of the search engine.

2. I read an article today about Bill Gates' suggestion to charge people to send e-mails in an attempt to stop spam. I am wondering how/if this would work and I am interested in what other antispam ideas are out there. Can we really ever stop it? Would antispam legislation work? What are the implications of ending the "spam epidemic"? I am not 100 percent sure about this one, but I am interested in what else is out there.


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