Wednesday, February 04, 2004

1. Go, Go, gadget god! "We shall have to realize that while we make the machines our gods and sacrifice men to machines, we do not have to do so. If we do so, we deserve the punishment of idolators." (Wiener 72) We are growing more and more dependent upon our little machines to survive, enough so that theories of an electronic cottage exist. In Wiener's article, he emphasises the eminence of disaster if we choose to continue living our lives on the machine, which many students do, whether it be checking "away messages" out of sheer boredom, down to lack of healthy social interaction due to intense computer communication. Why do we continue to bow down? Are we really bowing down, or is this just a step in civilization?

2. I feel the need, the need for speed. In Licklader and Wiener's articles, they discuss the matter of speed and computing. At that time, computers were too fast for humans. we couldn't keep up. SOmetimes, it just took too damn long to get everything together on the computer, that you might as well have people working to solve a problem on a team. These days, we all complain about lack of speed, crappy old Celeron processors, and building computers that are fast enough for that Counterstrike LAN party. We still thin at the same speed, so what has changed? computers were once too fast, and now they aren't fast enough. What are we doing with computers that we need speed for? is it just an aspect of our American society, Rush hour on the internet superhighway, online multi-tasking?

3. Good Ole McLuhan. "If 'the medium is the message,' then the message of low bandwidth timessharing is 'blah'? Computers took kids out of the backyard and into the office, writing programs on computers. THis seems to be the beginning of what some might call an epidemic. Kids sitting around inside on computers instead of having healthy active lifestyles. From my old Atari to the ever popular Game cube or loaded PC in dorm rooms everywhere, lives are ever-sedentary. We know computers are great for learning about our health on and the like, but what are they doing to our kids?


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