Sunday, February 15, 2004

Here are my 2 ideas for my final project.
1) Virtual School--I came across this idea actually when I was home for Winter break. My mom's school district is actually in the works of creating a school on the web. They are looking for about 500 kids to start this school. And they will be hiring teachers for the virtual school in March. Imagine having elementary and junior high on the internet. What would it be like? I think is an interesting concept that is not that far off in the future. This would obviously be a research project, b/c it isn't that well known yet.

2) Wireless Technology--This right now is the big picture. So many things are going wireless. Actually in Waukesha, WI an entire school is wireless. People are amazed that elementary kids can pick up a computer and just start working right at their desk. This is a great concept for saving space and not having so many wires everywhere. Anywhere you go, you can log onto the internet. We would really be living in a technology world. I like this idea b/c I do have wireless internet for my laptop and I couldn't be happier. Infact my house back home is wireless and it's just great to be in our family room and open your laptop and get stuff done while being with your family! I would want to research the advantages and disadvantages to this wireless technology. Any other suggestions would be great!


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