Sunday, February 15, 2004

Here's my final project ideas ... not too developed yet

1. I've read a couple articles recently about how ALL jobs may be outsourced in the future, not just labor intensive jobs. West Publishing, a publishing company of legal resources, now has lawyers in India who study cases and write on them, as they would in the US. These jobs pay a fraction of the six-figure salary offered in the US by West. What other "human-touch" jobs can and may be outsourced? Will doctors be making housecalls through the net from across the world? Is outsourcing bad, as many "buy America" people say, or is it good, as some economists say? What is the effect on the development of new technology in the US if more jobs go overseas?

2. Political News Sources. A recent study analyzed news sources versus public knowledge on wmd's, iraq, etc. Fox News scored first on misinforming the public on these issues. NPR scored last. Ten years from now, if I am receiving messages (cell,email whatever) using an "alert" type system from news sources -- or, from a political news source such as or, ... how would that affect me as a citizen? How would it affect larger political discussion? Will the country be further polarized as a result? Does the nature of the medium affect the political perceptions people have? (I've had a "president" e-mail alert from CNN for this question and it's interesting what it automatically sends me) There are a lot more questions regarding this general topic ... it may need to be narrowed down


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