Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Sunday Feb 15th, College Library 5pm
As I walked into the computer lab, only 1 PC unit was available. I quickly located myself there and began my observations. As I looked around the room, a majority of the people were primarily there for writing and checking e-mails. I did notice quite a few of them were hotmail accounts. The next biggest group was writing papers or researching items for a paper. As I saw quite a few of them go back and forth between MS Word and the internet. Some of them seemed frustrated b/c I heard a great deal of sighing and stretching. I also noticed that these people get destracted easily. Anytime there was a remote sound close to them, they quickly checked out what was going on. There were 2 groups working on a power point presentation, but I couldn't tell what their project was about. Then there were an occasional few using AOL IM. I heard some snorts and giggles coming from these people. The last group of people were playing yahoo games and listening to music. There were no books next to them, so they were clearly there to play games. Then I went into the Mac section. Hardly anyone was using them. The 6 people that were there were mainly surfing the web, checking e-mails, and playing games. I did notice one girl writing a paper. Then she suddenly she got up, clearly frustrated and saved her paper to a disk and moved over to the PC stations to see if she could finish her paper there. (By the way, she took the computer I was at) Then at the Help Desk there were a guy and a girl. At first they were both just doing something with their computers. Then the girl went to the back, and the guy started moving stuff around behind the desk. One person did come and check out a laptop. Over in the DV stations all the computers were full, but I couldn't tell what they were working on. One girl was using the scanner. It looked like a design project of some sorts she was working on. This was the end of my obersvations.


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