Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Memorial Library Computer Lab
2/16--8:30-9:30 p.m.

*Approximately 91 computers
*Mostly working on papers surprisingly--rough estimate of 70%--perhaps because it's late and people enjoy procrastinating?
*No lines at all during my time--little action going in and out--most staying the entire time
*Many people stare around a lot, especially those working on papers (again procrastinating??)
*Those checking email seemed more focused
*Some gaming going on even though it's not allowed (2 gamers)
*Approximately 40% listening to music either plugged into the computer or on personal CD player or MP3 player
*More on PCs than Macs--no empty PCs, plenty of empty Macs
*People get VERY annoyed when disturbed--i.e. people talking on cell phones (even though not allowed) and loud talking and gossiping
*Much quieter overall than my experiences at College Library computer lab
*Most people pretty self-sufficient--no tech help seen at all
*Word processing done in MS Word (most were using this)
*Only one person on messenger service (AIM)
*Of those using the internet, saw no Netscape Navigators--all Internet Explorer
*MANY had food and/or drink even though it's clearly not allowed
*No group projects--again I usually see a lot of these at College Library
*Only about 5 people left in the time I was there--much different than the lunch hour when I've popped in before


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