Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Final Project Proposals

For one of my final project ideas, I have decided to thoroughly look at the advancements of the internet throughout the past 10-15 years. When people first started browsing the web, they were extremely limited to what they were able to do. Now we have opportunities such as banking online, shopping and even applying for future jobs. These types of advancements have all arose so quickly, I would like to research to see how and when these types of features started being produced to be accessible to us online. For example, who decided to bank online and what bank chose to develop a website first. I would also look at shopping, online dictionaries and even encyclopedias to see which were first and how they have advanced throughout the past decade.

My second idea includes research on how the internet has affected news media around the world. I plan to research the history of large newspapers and magazines and how their businesses have been affected either positively or negatively. For example, I would be interested in seeing statistics for the amount of New York Times bought 15 years ago to now. Do they have more online subscribers or have their sales decreased as a whole because the internet users are looking through different search engines and news links to find the same type of information. Overall, I would try to make an effort to compare and contrast the differences in three to four newspapers or magazines to see if they have changed drastically since the internet has developed and advanced into what it is today.


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