Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Kristin's post about people perhaps sharing too much information about themselved online is interesting... when I read about how Rheingold found information on how to get rid of the tick on his daughter I thought it was great that there was an information network like that, and I would think it'd follow that the guy posting all about his kid with leukemia would be good. That way, if someone else had similar problems they could relate to his story or find useful info from it. But it is weird, as Chris later mentioned, to share so much personal info online. In some ways it seems easier to divulge personal things on the web, because it seems disconnected from our "real" selves and we can be somewhat anonymous online, with pseudonyms and created identities. At least, I think it probably did in the beginning, but I wonder if this is changing now -- there seem to be more ways to have your "true" identity revealed online (through your IP address, for example).


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