Tuesday, February 24, 2004

In the article in The New Media Reader, I found it interesting in their 2nd Principal is Communications bandwidth is a scarce resource. But yet go onto say that you always want more due to supply and demand. They are essentially saying that this will forever be a debate. As technology grows so to will the desire to fill that demand for space in cyberspace.

In Lucasfilm's Habitat the "players" are allowed to shoot people and steal from them. And they are not getting caught or punished! I know it is just a game, but come on! If this is supposed to be like real life why was facing the law not put into the game? Another thought is this games impact on children. Are kids allowed to play it becuase parents should be worried about this computer game. They shouldn't fear just video games.

Now moving into Telecom and the City: I don't understand what Marley and Robin's said "new media conglomerates are creating a global image space, a space of transmission that cuts across the geographics of power, of social life, adn of knowledge, which define the space of nationality and culture." Isn't that what all monopolies in this country already do? Conglomerates are all the same, doing the same thing making money, and creating a culture. Why is it so important that National monoploies are being replaced by integrated global marketplace for digital media? In my opinion, integrated is just a different word for conglomerate!


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