Monday, February 23, 2004

In chapter 5" The social and cultural life of the city" in the book called"Telecomunication and the city" of Stephen Graham and Simon Marvin, the authors concentrated that some upper classes could benefit from the advanced technologies while others (minorities, poors,..) could not because of the cost. I totally agree with the authors that cost of modern technologies could influence the life of the society. In my country-Vietnam, cost of telecommunication are rather expensive for people. The Department of Telecommunication have many rights in doing many things, I means in the past, in my country, telecomunication and services were monopoly and the prices were very high compared with all countries in the world until many people asked Gorvernment for omitting the monopoly and decrease the prices of telecommunication services. And now the situations are better, people can choose many types of services from many companies of the country. And the result is Vietnamese people have divesified services and the resonable prices in telecommucation. For example: using internet at home were expensive and now the middle class can reach of it. More over, poors can go to the internet services for using internet with the cheap prices. But It takes time to have this.


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