Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Here's my questions for tomorrow's lecture:

(1) In his article, bush talks about us getting "bogged down" by the sheer amount of records available to people during his time, and the need for technology to somehow organize them so that they're more useful to us. Now that we're in the 21st century, has technology done that for us? Or has it, via tools like the internet, instead added millions of inconsequential documents to the public domain, and bogged us down even further?

(2) Wiener warns people of "idolizing" gadgets in his article. While we certainly don't literally idolize any particular gadget, can the case be made that we attach far too much power and significance to our innovations, such as the television and the internet, even to the point of letting them control what we think and do? (I ask because the average American watches an obscene amount of television)

(3) In the Personal Dynamic Media article, the metaphor the creators of the "Dynabook" use to describe their system is a musical instrument, which "responds instantly and consistently to its owner's wishes." With out current laptops, which roughly resemble the Dynabook, how close are we to that metaphor?


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