Wednesday, January 28, 2004

1) I agree with technological determinism saying that new telecom. technologies are seen directly to cause urban change. I wouldn't necessiarly agree with Anthony Pascal however. He states that technology shapes destiny. Especially the part where who we live by is dependent on technology. I do believe, however, that technolgical change is of importance to directly shaping society.

2) I like the way furturists think. We are in an era now where technology is everywhere. I would like to think that technology could solve all the little mysteries in life. And this could be related to the fact that I am an optimist as well. However, I do have some reserves for those crazy ideas for technology. I don't really believe in the anything, anytime, anywhere dream. I don't think it will cause the collapse of the modern city.

3) Time Space compression- I agree it is driven by the seach for new profits. Mobility is key in the success for every endveour. Getting things back and forth in a timely fashion will greatly enhance a companies profit. Transnational corporations are the primary staple to a ginat corporations. By having oversea's companies, it makes easy access to those in that country. They are a place for control.

Thanks! Andrea


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