Wednesday, January 28, 2004

My discussion questions are based on your article discussing Virtual Webs, Physical Technologies and Hidden Workers.

The discussion of hidden workers interested me because I have used several customer service lines and spoken to many operators about computer software or internet related equipment where the operator was completely uninformed. Why are some of these individuals unskilled workers and even from overseas? Is it because the companies do not want to pay them more money for skilled workers?

From the article, the web initially started around 1990, was there are time gap from when the U.S. started using it and other developed countries such as the U.K.?

Since the post office is still around, does it coorelate with the internet as much as it used to coorelate with the telegraph and earlier technologies? Although you can order things online and get them sent to you through the post office, it still seems sort of independent from ever going strictly online because it is a business that will always need individuals working to sort mail, etc.

Charmaine Peterson


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