Sunday, May 09, 2004

So, j676 is a course where we made blogs and profiled blogs (among other things), right? But get this, there's this blog written in (I think) Norwegian for what appears to be a class, HUIN105 at the University of Bergen. In that class one of the students profiled my blog and posted it on his/her blog, in what I assume was a class project. How he/she found it, I have no idea. Small world, huh? I thought this was kind of interesting, for anyone that still checks this blog.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Now that the strike has passed, there seems to be very little up to date information. It's as though the (Internet) media has forgotten about the strike. Although information about the ending of the grade strike is in both school papers, it is not up to date on the TAA website or the school website. the school website no longer has any information on the TAA on it's homepage or in the news section. although the actual picketing and days leading up to the event were well covered and found its way to the headlines in all sorts of media, the question now is : where do we go from here? The TAA hasn't come to an agreement, and they are still up in the air, but what will coverage be like post "strike hype?"

Sunday, May 02, 2004

I also googled the TAA Strike and found several articles from several Madison area newspapers. I was actually surprised to see that the first link directed me to an article by Chancellor Wiley, reflecting on the situation that happened this past Tuesday and Wednesday. It was interesting to read because it was a letter directed to the members of the TAA discussing how the University is doing everything possible, but the state has the final say and offer which the TA's should consider accepting. Chancellor Willey also urged the TAA to accept the offer the state has put on the table and remember what they are here for in the first place. I found this recent letter the most interesting because it was different from Chancellor Willey's previous statements on the University's website informing the students of what was happening. All together, I personally agree with other students that the strike could have possibly affected the students more than anyone and unfortunately the students did not have any say what so ever.
After thoroughly looking through all of the different links, I was interested to actually find links to different class web pages informing students if class was going to be held, moved or canceled during the strike. Although the TAA obviously striked to get their point across, I feel they were extremely successful in having the media cover several stories and aspects of this issue. The internet is always a helpful news source and I found it a success in finding out what was actually going on regarding this issue.