Friday, December 15, 2006

Thanks for a great semester

Folks, I've now posted some questions for each group (under the "comments" to each group's readings) and I'm struck by the range of material you were able to cover in the class. Combining history, social theory, and the current flashy-technology-of-the-month all in one seminar ain't easy, and I think you did a great job wrestling with it. One caution I would give to all the groups in finalizing your web-based projects: make sure to show me where your topics, and the way you are analyzing them, connect to the many readings and concepts we've considered in class. Beyond that, I look forward to exploring each site in depth after next Friday, and to showcasing for the rest of our faculty what a good job you did with this material. Do let me know if you're interested in taking my Tuesday afternoon "information labor" seminar in the Spring; otherwise, keep in touch and I'll see you around campus. Cheers,



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