Monday, March 01, 2004

I would like to make a response to Jeanette's lastest post. I completely agree with the fact that communication choices depend on comfort levels. Several people choose to converse online because they feel more at ease and do not feel any type of presssure as they may when speaking in public. However, some people become quite obsessed with instant messanging and blogging and forget the importance of interacting with others in different situations other than cyberspace. This is not a huge concern, but I feel if some kids start at a young age, they could have more difficulties making true friendships because they absorb themselves in cyberspace and completely forget about the atmosphere around them. I suppose this may not be a huge concern at the moment, but the more cyberspace becomes a larger part of our lives daily, people will be turning to it without considering other alternatives such as turning to their own communities for advice and conversation as Chris discussed a few days ago.


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