Friday, February 27, 2004

The second topic I would like to raise, is the question of whether not games such as Habitat, or probably more appropriate for today "The Sims", are healthy. I have seen in other posts how people have organized crimes among other things with the game, but even taking a step back from that, is creating fictious people and controlling every aspect of their life turning people into introverted control freaks? The only benefit I have really come up with thus far is that these people are not breeding and thus living vicariously through children, because they're too busy building fictious houses and going to fictious proms.

The concern I have is that people are going to lose all sense of social engagement in a "real" sense. As annoying as the people out in front of Library Mall are (trying to get me to sign up for something I don't care about), I know if they were not there something would seemingly be missing. I believe it was last semester in J201 we had a guest speaker, Lew Friedland? who explained to us how civic engagement is in a nasty decline. Is this a concern to anyone else?


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