Thursday, November 02, 2006

Group 6: Initial references

Theme: Wikipedia vs Academic Authority

Group#6 has started putting together the project webpage. To draw connect ions with our theme, we are doing the project itself in the 'Wiki' format. At our project page, the reference list is being constantly and collaboratively updated.
Click to go to the project main page with the initial reference list:


Note to class: Having started out, everyone in our group agrees that the Wiki method is very easy and efficient for a collaborative project like this. It's convenient to accumulate the material anytime anywhere, and build the 'final' webpage at the same time. If any group would like to try it out as well, feel free to visit my site ( and build your own project page. If you would like to, but are not familiar with creating and editing Wiki-pages, let me know and I'll guide you through in 3 minutes (yes, it's that easy).


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