Sunday, September 17, 2006

Blogger use update

Just a reminder as we read Lessig this week -- your personal reactions to the reading should be posted to your individual critical response weblogs, not to the main weblog. I'll be culling through student responses and posting some excerpts up here before each class in order to get people thinking along common lines.

After you've posted your reactions to your critical response weblog, if there's something in particular that you want to say about a reading to the all-class weblog (here), by all means go ahead. But remember that at the end of the semester you need to have a record of your responses on your own weblog first.

P.S. Any student may also post items dealing with the day's news or other tidbits related to the class to our class weblog (here). I'll do the same occasionally.


At 1:44 PM, Blogger Chelsey said...

I am so sorry to everyone who needs to read my entries on the main blog page... I am having a lot of trouble getting my posts to my main page... I promise to take care of this asap!


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