Saturday, December 09, 2006

Group 5 readings

Open Source and You

Here's a selection of readings, smallest to longest, for your choosing.

Open Source Definition

Fact and Fiction of Open Source


At 9:35 AM, Blogger Greg D. said...

Don't think I ever left you any formal questions, so here goes:

- Does open source software development spawn other online innovations? (esp. things like weblogs/wikis for communication, "plugin architecture" for modification)

- Besides offering economic incentives for individual open-source programmers (better job offers, speaking engagements), isn't open source production subsidized behind the scenes by either university or for-profit technology jobs (and tools, training) for its participants?

- How has Microsoft, the declared enemy of the open source software development movement, changed as a result of open source? (or haven't they?) eg. security focus? "total quality software"?

- Would the MIT "$100 laptop" initiative be possible without open-source OS and applications?

- Where, around the globe, is the most open-source programming labor coming from? Developed world? Developing? North America? Europe? Asia? Pacific Rim? (Where is most for-profit software programming being done?)


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