Sunday, November 26, 2006

Readings for Group 1 presentation

Here are the readings for group 1’s presentation on Tuesday.

On Opposing the USA Patriot Act by Russ Feingold

Government Surveillance and Political Participation on the Internet by Brian Krueger


At 11:26 AM, Blogger Greg D. said...

A recap of my five questions at the end of class today ...

- timeline of authorization and delivery of 9/11 commission report (three years) vs. timeline of assembly and passage of patriot act (three weeks)?

- metaphor of post-9/11 situation as one of "crime" vs. "war"?

- is the physical library a more surveilled space than digital library?

- why the term "patriot"? what work does that term do?

- are we concerned about "our" own (majority, mainstream, educated, middle-class, or White) rights, or the rights of the minority, the powerless, the unpopular, and the poor?


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