Friday, September 15, 2006

Image of the Future Information Society

I think the title of this article is a good place to start before analyzing one of the main ideas in this article. I think it would be interesting to talk to Masuda now and see if his image has changed since 1990, when the article was written. One statement that I think really summarizes our current technology-infested society is Masuda's claim that " 'computer technology' will be the innovational technology that will constitute the developmental core, and its fundamental function will be to substitute and amplify the mental labour of man" (Masuda, 16). I feel like we are moving in a direction of complete reliance on this man-made machine, to a point where the ultimate goal is for it to replace our physical involvement in daily activity. Although the author does go on to dissect the composition of the information society, I think the above statement is something that we can all recognize today in our increasingly 'lazy' society.


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